As an international hub for scientific collaboration of key institutions in the field of digital agriculture and sustainable crop production, DigiCrop.Net highlights collaborative research and increases visibility of its research through different events, such as workshops, visiting researchers, summer schools, delegation visits and guest talks. The network’s flagship conference is DigiCrop, a scientific format concentrating the international expertise in the field of modern and digital agriculture.

International Conference on Digital Technologies for Sustainable Crop Production (DigiCrop)

DigiCrop Conference 2025
The third edition of the DigiCrop Conference will take place in 2025, addressing an international and interdisciplinary audience working at the intersection of engineering, robotics, computer science, crop sciences, agricultural sciences, phenotyping, and economics.
DigiCrop Conference 2022
The International Conference on Digital Technologies for Sustainable Crop Production (DigiCrop) is the network's flagship conference. Talks by renown experts have drawn over 1,000 participants.
DigiCrop Conference 2022
DigiCrop Conference 2020
950 registered participants from all over the world have taken part in the flagship conference DigiCrop. The 51 video talks and 6 keynotes covered a wide range of different topics.
DigiCrop Conference 2020

Upcoming Events

Lecture Series


AIFARMS invites experts to speak about recent developments and current issues on the topic of digital agriculture within the AIFARMS Distinguished Seminar Series. All events and previous seminars can be found here.

ETH Zurich

The FRIES seminar series is a joint initiative aimed at fostering interdisciplinary collaboration within and beyond the Institute for Environmental Decisions at ETH Zurich to discuss current advances in the field of ‘Food system geogRaphy polIcy & EconomicS’ (FRIES). The seminars are open to anyone interested in the topics and are either live “bring-your-lunch” or virtual seminars that usually take place on Wednesdays at 12 p.m. – 1 p.m. The schedule of all future and past seminars can be found here.


In the PhenoRob Seminar Series, researchers and industry experts to share their latest research and insights into new projects. The PhenoRob Women in Science Series features talks from excellent female researchers. Both lecture series are taking place on Fridays, 10 a.m. – 12 p.m. via Zoom. The PhenoRob Interdisciplinary Lecture Series (PILS) gives an overview of methods and concepts that are employed on the Cluster’s research.
Have a look the PhenoRob events calendar for all upcoming talks.

Past DigiCrop.Net Events

PhenoRob-WUR Workshop 2023
November 29, 2023
The objective of the workshop is to strengthen collaboration opportunities between PhenoRob at Bonn University and the Agrofood Robotics (AFR) groups at WUR.
Conference for Geodetic Engineering PhD Students
November 9 + 10, 2023
PhD Students in the field of Geodetic Engineering from Austria, Germany and Switzerland meet at ETH Zurich for their annual conference.
Workshop on the Future of Agricultural Robotics and Technologies
October 5, 2023
The goal of the workshop at IROS 2023 is to to highlight and in turn help push forward co-design of actuation and perception efforts for future agricultural robotics.
Workshop on Agricultural Robotics for a Sustainable Future
October 1, 2023
This workshop at IROS 2023 brings together researchers and practitioners to exchange ideas and methodologies for enabling robotic systems in agriculture.
Online Meetings WUR x PhenoRob
June 2023
Online workshops on various topics between researchers from PhenoRob and Wageningen University & Research
Center for Digital Agriculture Conference 2023
March 8, 2023
The theme of the 2023 year’s conference was: How Can Digital Agriculture Help Moderate the Impacts of Climate Change?
CDA Conference 2023
Young Researchers' Workshop in Bonn
November 22, 2022
PhD candidates from DigiCrop.Net came together to exchange their ideas on the usage of technologies, especially robotics, in agriculture.
Delegation of AIFARMS visits PhenoRob
November 14 - 18, 2022
A delegation from AIFARMS visited the PhenoRob facilities in Bonn and at Forschungszentrum Jülich to exchange ideas and enhance mututal collaborations.
PhD Students' Workshop in Zurich
August 24 + 25, 2022
Workshop on “Perspectives of Robotics and Phenotyping in Crop Production”
Symposium in Wageningen
May 17, 2022
Symposium on Digital Plant Phenotyping
Online-Meeting AIFARMS x PhenoRob
March 16, 2022
Workshop on the topic of "Environmental Resilience" with researchers from AIFARMS and PhenoRob
Online PhD Students' Workshop
August 23, 2021
Workshop on “Perspectives of Robotics and Phenotyping in Crop Production”
PhenoRob International Summer School on Agricultural Robotics
August 24-28, 2021
Internationally renowned scientists came together to teach workshops for 64 young researchers from 22 countries across the broad spectrum of agricultural robotics.